Critical Fundamentals

Presented by E.R.I.C.

Confident catches. Concise throwing mechanics. Smooth pivots. Deceptive fakes. Active marks.

Coach: Mario O’Brien

RISE UP's head coach. 

15 Skill & Drill Episodes

48 total videos.
Previews below.

Critical Fundamentals


per year

Ep1: Catching
Ep2: Throwing Backhand
Ep3: Throwing Forehand
Ep4: Marking & the Force
Ep5: Pivoting & Faking

Ep 6: Throwing to Space
Ep 7: Offensive Footwork
Ep8: Cutting Technique
Ep9: 1 V 1 Downfield D
Ep10: Downfield D Positioning

Ep11: Cut Timing
Ep12: Reading & Catching
Ep13: Vert Stack Cutting
Ep14: Hori Stack Cutting
Ep15: Handler Cutting


Full RISE UP Library


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250+ videos

10 seasons



Throwing Forehand [Preview]

Marking and the Force [Preview]

1 v 1 Downfield Defense [Preview]

Vertical Stack Offense [Preview]


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