How many episodes are there in each season?

Seasons have anywhere from approximately 5-25 episodes, depending on the Season.

How long is each episode?

Videos will be approximately 3-15 minutes long, depending on the content. For example, it might only take 3 minutes to teach you how to throw an upwind huck, but it might take 15 minutes to explain everything you need to know in order to explain handler offense skills.

How much will each season cost?

Depends on the season, anywhere from $15-30.

Will there be any free content?

Yes. For each season, we will release at least 1 (but probably more) video for free, as well as previews for all other videos.

When will new episodes be available?

During the release of a Season, one new episode will be released every week for the duration of the Season.

How often will new seasons be released?

Our current goal is to release 2-4 seasons per year.

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User Accounts

How do I register?

In the top-right corner  of the site, you will find a blue “Login with Facebook” button.

After clicking the button, you will be redirected to Facebook and asked to authenticate and allow RISE UP to access information from your Facebook account. RISE UP only asks for your name, Facebook ID, email associated with Facebook, and avatar.

After authorizing RISE UP through Facebook, you will be returned to a login screen. Click the blue button again, and you will be registered and logged in.

Why do I have to use Facebook to register on RISE UP?

Three reasons:

1. Transparency. In weighing a users anonymity against the transparency of our community, we believe that a community of people with real names is more likely to be helpful and harmonious. Other online Ultimate forums, we feel, are degraded by those who choose to remain nameless and add little, if not subtract much. Facebook’s policy of requiring a user to provide a real first and last name are most inline with our position.

2. Security. Your RISE UP account is as secure as your Facebook account. Since they are one and the same, you can count on your RISE UP account staying safe and secure.

3. Content Protection. We believe our content is worth the price we attach to it. By requiring users to associate their Facebook account with RISE UP, we believe our content is more protected than if we provided RISE UP usernames and passwords. We believe users would be more willing to share their account credentials from RISE UP than they are to share their Facebook credentials.

Will RISE UP support other methods of registering?

No. For the time being.

If in the future there are additional ways to maintain our values of transparency, security, and content protection, we will investigate and pursue them.

Where is my username and password?

You do not have a username or password, nor do you need them. Because we link your account to your Facebook information, you simply need to click the login button to view your purchases.

How do I delete my account?

Email us at info@riseupultimate.com and we’ll help you delete your account.

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What browsers are best to view RISE UP?

Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and Internet Explorer version 9 and above.

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