Handler Offense

Presented by Spin Ultimate

Feel confident around the disc. Read and react. Give and go. Beat the poach.


PREVIEW: Give-go Moves

Coach: Ben Wiggins

10 Episodes (22 videos)

Ep1: The Dump-Swing

Ep2: Stationary Dump Cutting

Ep3: Horizontal Stack Handling

Ep4: The Moment of Catching

Ep5: Motion Dump Cutting from the Sideline

Ep6: Give-Go Moves

Ep7: Practicing Give-Go Moves

Ep8: Receiving and Attacking from Dishy Cuts

Ep9: The 3-Man Game (Vertical Stack)

Ep10: Handler Movement After a Downfield Throw

Horizontal Stack Handling

Handler Movement After a Downfield Throw


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