Team D (Creating Chaos)

Presented by Five Ultimate

Smart switches. Intelligent poaches. Flash and recover. Clever communication.


Coach: Ben Wiggins

11 Episodes (21 videos)

Ep1: Lane Stopping from the Handler Position on Defense

Ep2: Defending Cuts with Heads Up

Ep3: Downfield Fake Poaches on Defense

Ep4: Stopping Handler Continuation on Defense

Ep5: Stopping Cutter Continuation on Defense

Ep6: Handler Defense Position Fakes

Ep7: Buzz Backfield Switch Defense

Ep8: Poaching Handler Space from Downfield on Defense

Ep9: Last Back

Ep10: Switching Against Cutters

Ep11: Defending Dishy Moves

Poaching Handler Space from Downfield [Preview]

Lane Stopping as a Handler Defender [Full Episode]

Switching Against Cutters [Preview]

Buzz Bullets Backfield Switch [Preview]


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