The NexGen Essential 10

Presented by Friction Gloves

Proven expertise. All-star drills. Critical skills. Elite technique.


Coach: All-Star Elites

10 Episodes (12 videos)

Ep1: Throwing a Quick Release Backhand Break

Ep2: Offensive Cutting Footwork

Ep3: Cutting: Deep Cut Timing

Ep4: Throwing a Backhand Huck

Ep5: Handler Defense from the Break Side

Ep6: Downfield Defensive Footwork

Ep7: Sideline Trap Mark

Ep8: Pivoting to Break the Mark

Ep9: Winning Discs in the Air

Ep10: Downfield Defensive Switching

Dylan Freechild & Matt Rehder

Offensive Cutting Footwork

Tyler DeGirolamo & Will Driscoll

Deep Cut Timing

Jimmy Mickle

Downfield Defensive Footwork


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