The Point of Attack

Presented by Spin Ultimate

Pressure the thrower. Elite technique. Disrupt rhythm. Create turnovers. Break the mark.


Coach: Ben Wiggins

10 Episodes

24 videos

Ep1: Marking (The Triangle Progression)

Ep2: The Best Break-Mark Drill

Ep3: Marking From Motion

Ep4: Marking Against Vertical and Horizontal Stacks

Ep5: The Shimmy

Ep6: Marking: Breaking a Thrower's Rhythm

Ep7: The Force-Middle Mark

Ep8: The Anti-Huck Mark

Ep9: Marking Against the Hammer

Ep10: Marking Matchups

Marking (The Triangle Progression)

The Best Break-Mark Drill

Marking Against Vertical and Horizontal Stacks

The Force-Middle Mark


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