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30% women's discount

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Ultacademy platform

Community collab

Five Ultimate $200 credit

1 pair Friction gloves + $60 credit

Aria Ultimate $75 credit






30% women's discount

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Ultacademy platform

RISE UP vids - unlimited access

Community collab

Five Ultimate $200 credit

1 pair Friction gloves + $60 credit

Aria Ultimate $75 credit


""My team sweats and bleeds and makes sacrifices all season to give each other the best versions of themselves they can be. THEY DESRVE THE BEST LEADER AND COACH THAT I CAN BE. That's why I signed up for Ultacademy: the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with some of the best players, teachers, and coaches in the game. Mario has proven with RISE UP that he makes the best instructional content for ultimate players in the world -- I'm excited to see what he, Alyssa, and Ben will do with Ultacademy.""

Wes Chao
Coach - SF Bay Area Nightlock

Ultacademy Platform

We've organized your season for you based on our experience with what really works. A 7-phase step by step guide, with resources for your 4 program pillars: Leadership, Team Culture, Strategy, Skills.

RISE UP Videos

All-access pass

  • Over 300 vides, 9 seasons of content
  • Example topics: How to break the mark, Handler offense, Cutting technique, Team D,  Critical fundamentals, Lockdown
  • The right drill video, at the right time, and how to lead it.

Collaborative community of peers

  • Why reinvent the wheel? Or repeat last year's mistakes?
  • Leaders around the world all deal with the same types of challenges. We'll learn from each others' previous mistakes AND build on successes.
  • Forums, office hours (live via webinar), shared document space


Add-ons from our partners, just for signing up.

Friction Gloves

1 free pair of friction gloves

$60 discount *on an order of 10 pairs or more


Five Ultimate

$10 online store gift card (early-bird only)

$200 credit on team order, *minimum 15 players, 2 jerseys + 1 shorts per player


$100 credit on team order, *minimum 15 players, 1 jersey + 1 shorts per player 

**no deal stacking (i.e. if you already have another discount, can only apply 1 of them)

ARIA Ultimate

5 ARIA discs

$100 credit *toward order of 100+ custom discs

Passionate, experienced, community-driven experts.

Mario O'Brien

RISE UP Head Coach • 2-time World Champion + Captain (Team USA Beach '15, '17) • Seattle Sockeye ('13 -'17) • 15 years coaching experience • M Ed. Curriculum & Instruction

Alyssa Weatherford

Team USA U20 Coaching Assistant ('16, '18) • WUCC World Champion + Captain (Riot '14) • Seattle Riot ('07-17) • 13 years coaching experience • M Ed. Leadership & Coaching

Ben Snell

College National Champion + Captain (UNC '15) • World Champion (U23 Team USA '15) • YCC Assistant Coach + Champion (Triangle Ultimate '14) • 11 years coaching experience • M Ed.


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