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Great for captains, coaches, and leadership groups

How does this work?



We collaborate with you to figure out exactly what your team needs. You'll answer questions about which seasons you’re interested in and how many passes you want.



We send you an invoice, and you purchase your Group Passes via our secure payment system.


Special Code

Upon payment confirmation, we send you a super secret special code for your group (Example: Team-S1).



You distribute the special code to the designated individuals in your group.



Each designated individual registers on our site with their Facebook account, and use the special code to redeem their season.


Learn. Practice. Take Over.

Each individual will have unlimited access to all the episodes for whichever season you have purchased.

Can I mix and match?

Absolutely! If you want a group pass (or multiple group passes for multiple groups) that includes more than one different RISE UP Season, you'll pay the rate that corresponds with the total amount of passes you want!

How many passes should I get for my group?

Type Size Recommendation Ideas for Distrubtion
Youth Team 10-20 6 Give 3 to Captains/Coaches, 1 to a Junior, 1 to a Sophomore, 1 to a Freshman.
College Team 18-25 6 Give 3 to Captains/Coaches, 1 to a Junior, 1 to a Sophomore, 1 to a Freshman.
Club Team 21-27 6 Give 2 to Captains/Coaches, 2 to Veteran Returners, 2 to Rookies.
Group of Coaches 3-6 6 Give 1 to everyone and collaborate!
Small-sized League 150-300 10-20 Give one pass to every coach/captain in your league! Use extras as prizes/giveaways.
Medium-sized League 300-500 20-50 Give 1 or 2 passes to every team in your league, and use extras as prizes/giveaways!
Large-sized League 500-1000 50-100+ Give passes to every team in your league, and use extras as prizes/giveaways.
Tournaments 200-1000 10-100+ Need something to give to volunteers? tournament champions? spirit award winners? A RISE UP season pass is perfect!
Organizations 200-1000+ 10-100+ Distribute your passes to volunteers, coaches in training, clinic leaders and Ultimate educators, "players of the month", spirit award winners. What better way to give back to Ultimate players than something they can use to improve your community!

Interested? Get in touch.

 Season 1: Handler Offense Season 2: The Point of Attack Season 3: TheNexGen Essential 10 Season 4: Throwing Season 5: Man to Man D (Creating Chaos) Season 6: Amsterdam Conference Season 7: Critical Fundamentals Season 8: Building Athleticism

Note: This is not an order form, it's just a place to start! Our Outreach Team will contact you and work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need in order to learn, practice, and take over!

Still have questions? No problem! Contact us at info@riseupultimate.com