Tuesday, May 12, 2015


by RISE UP Ultimate

This week’s mental toughness nugget from Dr. Alan Goldberg:

“No amount of mental and/or physical training will ever get you to the point where you consistently play at your very best!!!! Why? Because that’s not how life and/or sports really work!! No one can always be at their very best and very few athletes can say that they consistently play at their potential. Life and sports are just way too complicated to be simplified in that kind of a way! It’s the process of going through these setbacks, injuries and disappointments that shapes our character and ultimately determines our strength and success in the world. The life lesson here is to learn to accept whatever may come your way, both good and bad, and then to do all that is in your humanly power to make the very best out of it.”


The idea of setting expectations is important when it comes to assessing whether we’re playing at our best. As Dr. Goldberg says, no one can always be at their very best, so it’s important for us to invest in the process of  improving rather than the payoff of excelling. Ultimate players will always be subject to a number of elements like weather, fatigue and team dynamics. We have to build our training around overcoming these physical and mental challenges.

image How do you recover from a tough workout when you know you weren’t at your best? What are some mantras and ideas that you use to keep yourself dedicated through setbacks and challenges?