Tuesday, August 18, 2015


by RISE UP Ultimate

“Good coaches regularly push their athletes out of their comfort zone to get the very best out of them, but always do so in the context of a respectful, trusting and caring relationship. Good coaches genuinely care about the emotional and physical welfare of all of their players.” – Dr. Alan Goldberg

Dr. Alan Goldberg recently posted this quote on his Facebook page as part of a “Demeaning vs. Demanding” segment. It’s a great reminder of how important it is to practice mental toughness in coaching as well as playing. Thinking about how we coach is an important complement to the actual act of coaching.


When planning motivational, challenging or difficult practices, Dr. Goldberg’s quote is one we should always keep in mind. Pushing athletes to succeed and improve is one of our primary purposes as coaches, but doing so should never come at the cost of morale or injury. Try to approach each coaching situation from the perspective of the player you’ll be coaching. This will allow you to stay grounded in the relationship and to respect each member of your team as they strive to get better under your guidance.