Monday, August 31, 2015

Coach Mario O’Brien on RISE UP Season 8

by Mario O'Brien

This Season of RISE UP means so much to me. I’m so proud that it exists. This is new territory for RISE UP.

Building Athleticism is unique in the RISE UP world because it’s our first content that doesn’t directly involve discs, skills, and strategy. S8: Building Athleticism is all about improving your athletic performance. The game has evolved so much in the last 10 years, and one piece of evidence is the existence of people (ahem, rockstars) like Ren Caldwell. The ultimate community as a whole is recognizing that to be better ultimate players, we have to be better athletes. The community is acknowledging that consulting experts and professionals in health and performance can have meaningful impact. The community is growing and becoming stronger, literally.

We’re excited about S8 because Ren is a phenomenal coach, and we’re pumped about the on-screen dynamic she adds to the RISE UP catalog. I’ve had the pleasure of working out with Ren the past 3 seasons as a member of Seattle Sockeye, and I can attest that she’s an inspiration and a professional. I didn’t know if it would come through on film, but as these videos were coming together, I realized I shouldn’t have been in doubt. Ren is not only a leader in ultimate strength and conditioning, she’s just a badass leader in general, and it shows in Season 8.  

We tried to make these videos as ‘Five’ as possible, within reason of course. Working with them is always a treat, and this was no exception. The energy they brought to the partnership was palpable on set, on screen, and behind the scenes. If you know anyone from Five, you know they care deeply about the ultimate community and contributing to its growth. We love Five and what they represent.

Expect simple instruction with obvious connection to why it’s important for ultimate. Expect “a-HA” moments when something makes sense to you that you hadn’t thought of before. Expect to learn minor adjustments to things you’ve already seen or heard that will increase impact. Expect visual cues that will help you understand where and what you should be feeling. Expect to want to get to work on the field or in the gym after watching. Expect to wish you could hang out with Ren.

Being able to bring RISE UP to the community is such an honor. Ultimate has done so much for me and it’s humbling to be able to create resources to help the community grow. It’s crazy that this is Season 8, and we’ve now produced over 100 videos! I love that I get to work collaboratively with incredible people.

I’m proud of the ultimate community for creating a space and need for a Ren Caldwell to thrive. I’m proud of Ren for putting herself out there every day, and for constantly pushing herself to be better. I’m proud of the RISE UP team for the collaboration and creativity it took to put this together. Start building right here.