Tuesday, June 16, 2015


by RISE UP Ultimate

As Season 7: Critical Fundamentals wraps up, we’re considering this quote from Dr. Alan Goldberg:

“When you have goals and expectations for yourself, you are setting a higher standard of performance. You are internally demanding more of yourself. You are challenging yourself. Such high standards and challenges are necessary for you to take your training to the next level. It’s these inner demands that you place on yourself that will ultimately propel you forward towards your dream.”

Often times this season you’ve heard Coach O’Brien encourage the athletes to “challenge your teammates” or “challenge yourself.” Dr. Goldberg is spot on when he says that we must raise our standards if we’re going to take our training to the next level. This commitment happens in practice, often in the midst of drills that might seem simple. The point of Dr. Goldberg’s motivation, and Coach O’Brien’s reminders, is that we have to make sure that we’re setting a standard in practice that will help us achieve our goals down the line. No matter how basic or complex our training is we have to demand the best from ourselves and our teammates.

Lauren Sadler talked about this dedication in the first issue of Think Tank, saying:

“Never waste an opportunity to learn from anyone. Never stop working to improve. Set goals and believe you can achieve them, and then find the tools or people to help you improve. In addition to the tangible skills, you have to show people– yourself included— that you have heart and drive.”

Feeling motivated? Get out there and challenge yourself to up your game.