Tuesday, July 21, 2015


by RISE UP Ultimate

Dr. Goldberg gives some mental preparation tips for staying safe physically:

“It’s time to stop perpetuating the silly myth that really tough guys “suck it up” and “play through pain.” This is actually more of a sign of weakness and stupidity, rather than strength, especially when you consider that the player who is in pain is too scared to even admit that he’s injured. Real strength lies in listening to your body, acknowledging that you’re sick or injured and standing up for and protecting yourself, regardless of the potential negative reaction that you might get from your coach or teammates.”

Finding sustainability as an ultimate player is an ongoing challenge. No matter how hard we want to push ourselves, there’s a line between being dedicated and putting our wellbeing in danger. Knowing when to take a day off can sometimes be the most important step in a long-term training program. And of course, don’t be afraid to admit that you are injured if that’s the case. There’s nothing wrong with knowing your body and taking the time to heal if something goes awry.

Ren Caldwell is one of the leading trainers in ultimate frisbee, and we’ve been excited to include a lot of her work in our Women’s Wednesday series. She has dedicated lots of time and energy to helping ultimate players in the Seattle area and elsewhere get to know their bodies, and prepare themselves to train hard and safe. Her soft tissue and mobility YouTube playlist (below) is a great place to start if you’re looking for exercises to get your body tuned up.

One important step to building a lasting ultimate career is arming yourself with the resources that will help you succeed. Trainers like Ren, Tim Morrill and Melissa Witmer have lots of great ultimate frisbee specific information available on their websites for you to check out.

And stay tuned to RISE UP in the coming months, our dedication to keeping you strong and healthy may just have a new component some time soon….