Tuesday, June 30, 2015


by RISE UP Ultimate

“A winner takes responsibility for how she treats her teammates and those that she comes in contact with on a daily basis. She treats these individuals with respect and honesty, in much the same way that she would expect to be treated. A winner knows that without her teammates, she is all alone.”

Dr. Goldberg hits the nail right on the head with this sports psychology tidbit. Acknowledging your teammates is not something you are immediately encouraged to do when you are learning a sport, but ultimately it dictates how far you are able to go.

In ultimate we know that without the other 6 people on the line, we’re not able to achieve long term success. Skills like zone defense, horizontal offense and endurance training are great opportunities to show our value to our teammates, and to check in with ourselves about how we interact.

LoPresti 3

One proven way to encourage your players to take responsibility for their teammates is to implement a buddy system. Have teammates who are paired up create on and off the field goals together, and support each other in their attempts to reach these goals. You’ll find in time that many leaders transition their interactions with their buddy to the rest of their teammates. It’s a great opportunity to get players thinking about how they can rely on their peers not just to throw them the disc, but also to support their training and to value their person.