Tuesday, July 7, 2015


by RISE UP Ultimate

“The GOOD COACH creates a safe environment for his/her athletes to make mistakes and fail because he/she understands that failure is the foundation of success and what’s most important is the learning and development of the athlete.
The ATHLETE responds by learning more, having fun and consistently performing to their potential.”


Dr. Goldberg posted those thoughts on Facebook last week and got us thinking about our training environments. The key to this quote is the idea that a safe environment involves both the coach who creates it and the athlete who performs in it. You may have heard Coach O’Brien encouraging the athletes to challenge themselves, and not be afraid of missing during Season 7: Critical Fundamentals. The athletes always respond with renewed focus and dedication to mastering the skills. Especially with granular skills like Offensive Footwork and Catching it’s natural to stay within your comfort zone. As both coaches and players we can use Dr. Goldberg’s mantra to remind ourselves that it’s our responsibility to contribute to the environment when we are training.