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September 2, 2015


by RISE UP Ultimate

RETURNING AFTER CHILDBIRTH After giving birth, many women choose to stop playing club ultimate. With a newborn child, bodies and priorities shift, frequently leaving commitment to ultimate on the back burner. Heidi Marie Wiggins chose a different path and decided to return to Seattle Riot after giving birth. In her Riot blog post, she fearlessly and passionately details her emotional return, sharing her perspective on getting back into shape, adjusting her expectations, and loving her teammates and the sport. CONTESTED STRIP: TEAMMATES Contested Strip is a comic series that appears on Skyd Magazine. Megan Praz and Meghan Kemp-Gee, or Megan and Meghan, write and draw each of the cartoons that pokes fun at the hypocrisies and idiosyncrasies in ultimate. In “Teammates”, the…

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August 31, 2015

Coach Mario O’Brien on RISE UP Season 8

by Mario O'Brien

This Season of RISE UP means so much to me. I’m so proud that it exists. This is new territory for RISE UP. Building Athleticism is unique in the RISE UP world because it’s our first content that doesn’t directly involve discs, skills, and strategy. S8: Building Athleticism is all about improving your athletic performance. The game has evolved so much in the last 10 years, and one piece of evidence is the existence of people (ahem, rockstars) like Ren Caldwell. The ultimate community as a whole is recognizing that to be better ultimate players, we have to be better athletes. The community is acknowledging that consulting experts and professionals in health and performance can have meaningful impact. The community…

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August 26, 2015


by RISE UP Ultimate

REN CALDWELL ON BUILDING ATHLETICISM Coach Ren Caldwell, the mastermind behind the upcoming RISE UP Season 8, took to the Whiteboard blog to talk about why strength and mobility training are so important. Not only is Ren a super active member of many ultimate communities, but she’s also an all-around rockstar. This is a great chance to hear about the training methods she teaches from her perspective. Check it out here! Here’s a snapshot of @RenCaldwell coaching Alyssa Weatherford of Seattle Riot. We can’t wait to share Season 8.1 with you next week! #WomeninUltimate #WomensWednesday A photo posted by RISE UP Ultimate (@riseup_ultimate) on Aug 26, 2015 at 8:04am PDT JENNY FEY DESTROYS THE MARK Seattle Riot acknowledges that the defending USA…

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