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January 5, 2015

Employment Opportunity: RISE UP Video Editor

by Mario O'Brien

We are seeking a qualified individual to assist in the RISE UP video editing process. Do you love to edit videos? Do you love Ultimate? This could be the beginning of your dream job… Role. Our Video Editing Intern will… work with the editing team on all elements of video post production, from capturing footage to publishing the final product collaborate closely with others on the RISE UP Team Required skills. A qualified applicant will… be familiar with the ultimate community be proficient in video editing software and willing to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 have experience in video/motion graphics have quick turn-around time when given editing notes have experience with Adobe Photoshop have working knowledge of Vimeo and…

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December 31, 2014

Introducing: Women’s Wednesday

by Mario O'Brien

I am extremely excited and proud to announce a new addition to the RISE UP social media line up: Women’s Wednesday! Why are we doing this? What are the goals of Women’s Wednesday? As many have investigated and acknowledged, women in ultimate face unique challenges that the community is still trying to understand and overcome. I often wonder what my role, as a male in the ultimate community, could or should be in addressing these challenges. I want to do my part. I also wonder how RISE UP can play a role in helping affect positive change in this area. The primary goal of Women’s Wednesday will be to share, spread, and highlight resources created by, for, and/or about women….

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October 28, 2014

Just Keep Playing

by Reid Koss

Playing elite club ultimate was not a goal of mine. I didn’t start playing ultimate until college, and I didn’t really know what club ultimate even was until a couple years after that when a teammate showed me UltiVillage Disc 1. I didn’t attend my first Sockeye tryout– a.k.a. The Combine– until I was finishing my 4th year of school in 2006, and probably only did so because my college team was being coached by a Sockeye player. I was quickly cut, as expected, but I received some good feedback from Will Henry and ended up playing club with a new team called Voodoo that year. It wasn’t until I surprisingly made it past The Combine to the second round…

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What is RISE UP?

RISE UP Ultimate is excellence in Ultimate education. We empower players, captains, and coaches to improve. We create video-on-demand instructional resources made by world-class coaches. We facilitate clinics, workshops, and team trainings based on the needs of the community.