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October 28, 2014

Think Tank: Just Keep Playing

by Reid Koss

Playing elite club ultimate was not a goal of mine. I didn’t start playing ultimate until college, and I didn’t really know what club ultimate even was until a couple years after that when a teammate showed me UltiVillage Disc 1. I didn’t attend my first Sockeye tryout– a.k.a. The Combine– until I was finishing my 4th year of school in 2006, and probably only did so because my college team was being coached by a Sockeye player. I was quickly cut, as expected, but I received some good feedback from Will Henry and ended up playing club with a new team called Voodoo that year. It wasn’t until I surprisingly made it past The Combine to the second round…

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October 21, 2014

Think Tank: How Coaching Makes You a Better Player

by Sarah Davis

The offseason stretches across the dreary months of November through April, and in Seattle that’s the rainiest and greyest time of year. To most, it seems like the right time to sit inside, drink tea, and stay dry. So of course a large proportion of Seattle’s club players spend their offseasons coaching. Coaching has the obvious benefits of strengthening the Ultimate community by giving kids opportunities to play and chances to learn from positive role models. But beyond those community-wide plusses, coaching is the best way to develop your confidence and mental game. This year, I wiled away my offseason coaching the Nathan Hale girls’ team for the third time. When I got to Riot tryouts in April, one of the most…

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October 14, 2014

Think Tank: Be Like ‘Bron

by Mike LoPresti

The flexibility you have in your offseason training offers the largest opportunity to build and change your profile of strengths and weaknesses, and consequently make greater contributions to your team. As a model of the process of offseason transformation, consider this story about how LeBron James used his 2011 offseason to turn his team into champions. Give it a read, and then come back for some commentary on how you can use this process for your own transformation Commit “That [2011 NBA Finals] loss… fueled one of the greatest and most important transformations in recent sports history.” Do you really want to transform your game? Why? Some people seek external rewards, such as a championship. Some seek internal rewards, such…

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