New Website: What's functionally different?

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2017

Here are the key functional differences. 

  1. Mobile-friendly. I repeat, mobile-friendly. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Ok well you're right. You can now RISE UP from wherever on your mobile device. But don't do it when you're driving. Safety first. Our new web platform is sooooo great, so easy, it's been awesome to build the new site. Hit us up if you wanna talk about it. 
  2. My Library. On the new site, you have a handy dandy place called 'My Library' where you can see and access a list of everything you own. In order to see your library, you have to login. 
  3. Courses!? (not just video packages). RISE UP's first online course, Ultacademy, is a season long leadership course for captains and coaches. Expect more courses and resources for leaders over the next year. 
  4. Buying access to content, old = evergreen vs. new = subscription. On the old website, when you purchased access to content, you had it forever (aka Evergreen). Now when you buy access you get it for 1 year (aka 1 year subscription). In general, we're moving towards a more subscription based model, you can expect monthly pricing on things coming out in the future.  Don't worry, if you bought content on the old site, you still get evergreen access, but if you buy new stuff it will be subscription. 
  5. Login: old = facebook login vs. new = not. We're hoping this flexibility allows us to reach and help even more people improve themselves and their teams. 

We'd love your feedback on your experience, hit us up at [email protected]

-The RISE UP Team

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