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New Website: We're live! + updated FAQ

website Nov 24, 2017

We'll be keeping track of updates and FAQ here as questions are coming...

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New Website: Subtle (but important) improvements and changes you might notice

website Nov 24, 2017

Subtle, but important differences

  1. Slight changes to season titles. We...
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New Website: Going live in less than 48 hours!

website Nov 23, 2017

We're getting so close to launch, and things are really coming into...

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Testing 1.0 Underway

website Nov 20, 2017

We've reached out to some trusted RISE UP friends to help us make sure...

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New Website? Mobile-friendly?! YES.

website Nov 15, 2017

Hey RISE UP fam,

Wanted to give you a few important updates. Exciting...

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