New Website: We're live! + updated FAQ

website Nov 24, 2017

We'll be keeping track of updates and FAQ here as questions are coming in, stay tuned.

  • Accessing previously purchased content 
    • 4:15 pm PST, Nov 25 - All user content access has been moved to the new site! Please check 'My Library' to see if you have the right content that you should have. If you don't let us know!
    • 3:40 pm PST, Nov 24 - If you're only seeing some of your previously purchased content, it's because we had to pause in our migration process. We're getting there.  
    • 6:28 am PST, Nov 24) - We've begun migrating your content to the new site, please give it 24-48 hours to be complete. 
  • What's functionally different about the new site?
  • Subtle changes and improvements

If you have problems, questions, feedback, hit us up at [email protected]. Thanks for your patience!

-The RISE UP Team

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